My Love Story

Hi guys… I wanna share you something.

Well, i have had love someone. He is my friend in the band, called ” Khatulistiwa Band”. I like Him when we were in a band. I don’t know why, i could love him. He is not a kind of my type. hahahaha….It’s really funny.. In one afternoon, when our band would have a competition, he said to me that he loved me. At that time my heart was beating. The heartbeat in my heart was very hard. I answered him that i would pray first. But….yeach, honestly i didn’t really pray. I love him. But i’m forgot that i have a commitment to God that i will never have a boyfriend before i graduated from the highschool. So, i just accepted him as my boyfriend.

He is a kind hearted boy, nice, a great guitarist, very care, and never dissapointed me.

But do you know?

One day, there was a girl come to the school. My friends told me that, She was the one that  my boyfriend loved at junior highschool. At that time , i was so angry. Well, i was angry because he was really care to her. eventhough i was there, he still talked with her, and accompanied her to her house without my permission.

I felt so in the dark, when it was like be in the fire. Hes discrupt everything. You know, i am a jealous girl. So, in the night i broke him up. I asked him to stop loving me. But,i didn’t  be honest to him. I told him that i ask for a discontinued relation because of my commitment.

And do you know?

He was really sad. Well, honestly me too. But The jealous fire’s was burnt me on.

So we broke up. My relation was lasted for two weeks.But until know, we still be a great friend.

Hahaha…This is really a funny story for me. When a little girl trying to know about love.

Well, love is hurt. If you aren’t ready to feel it, don’t even try it. Or you’ll be crazy.



God bless you.


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