My Love Story (This is what i feel today)

Hi guys…

I wanna share to you about my love story…

Hu’ump…well This story began at my class…

He is my classmate..At the first, he is my rival on the study…

But, you know…Suddenly that “Hate” turn into “Love”

I begin to Love her…and in the fact, he is love me too…

So, we decided to Talk heart into heart…

I said ” Sorry for broke our friendship. But I do love You.”

And he said ” Do you know Stefy? at the first time i saw you in this school, I really like you. but i wouldn’t dare to told it to You. But you know, i really glad to hear that Words from you. So now, would you like to be my girl?”

And i said ” Yes, of course..i can’t say no, cause I do love you.”

After that, we are in a relationship.

But that happiness is not too long. When my parents knew about it, They were so angry..and wanted us to broke this relationship.

The reason is because we are still in senior high school..We have to study.

So, we broke this relationship. This love has been Work for two months.

But, we are commit to continue this relationship in a college.

So our love now still in our heart..And will always eternal, even there are many Stones that always try to make us break.

hahags…thank you.


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