The Color Of Love

Love is not always about what we called happiness

Sometime Love is about sacrifice, hurt, and pain.

I’m sometime wondering.

Do i ready to face such as that love?

Sacrifice?? Hurt??? And Pain??

I have asked God many times.

“When will i ready to open up this heart again?”

“When will i ready to take this love as a challenge?”

And then the voice within my heart whispers

“Love depends on the point view of each person. What do you want to color your love? Full of sorrow or happiness? Eventhough you feel hurt and pain in your Love…It doesn’t matter. I f you want to open Your heart and see..And start coloring your love. Behind that hurt and pain, there are somethings you can learn. There are somethings beautiful. Joy and hope are hiding behind it, Cheering you and say : “YOU SHOULD STICK TO YOUR COLORS. Run and grabbed me into your love” Remember You are not alone! There is someone had ever felt that before you! He gave His life for someone. He did it for love. He sacrified His life for His Love. But, His pain and hurt brought His love into Life. Behind His sacrifice, there is something beautiful. Do you know who is His love? His Love is YOU. Yes You!!! Jesus died for You. He give you a brand new hope. So…… Which one do you choose? Love that fulls of sorrow or happiness? Coloring Your Love right now!!!!”

Well, The voice within My heart was right.

Eventhough Love is not ’bout happiness, but also hurt and pain..

It depends of how i color my love

Take the challenge and grabbed the joy..

Thank you Jesus

Your love has opened my eyes to see..

The color of Love


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